CEDA – Uga is a registered Organization working hand in hand with existing formal, non-formal and informal skills training institutions, pre and post primary schools equipping them with a guided formal career and informed choices students should undertake when selecting a profession / vocation leading to occupations that are marketable to become self-employed and job creators.


is an organization that was established by voluntary statesmen to bridge the gap of challenges in national development rooting from unemployment due to the unopposed. mode of education


The CEDA-Uga mission statement

‘change attitude of Ugandans towards Vocationalized Education system proved to be timely suitable to nurture citizens into inventive, innovative, productive and service providers at a cost effective rate’

The vision

’involving all Ugandans into a purposeful mode of Education that addresses poverty and Unemployment reduction through proper Utilization of Resources’

We have observed that majority of the successfully educated youths have ended up failing to get where to work or what to do after Graduating. This has monotonously escalated the five vices in the nation that is: homosexuality, corruption, prostitution, gambling and robbery due to unemployment that is rampant most in the educated group of Ugandans.


Considering the problem statement above, we definitely came up with the following directing objectives:

  1. To change the attitude of citizens towards Vocationalized education system
  2. To carry out community educational programs on advantages and usefulness of vocational education system.
  3. To reduce job seekers after school but rather encourage them to join training programs and institutions that produce them as job creators
  4. To educate the public on trainings that assist trainees access employment opportunity even during the course of training hence reducing on the vulnerability and dropping out rate
  5. Having all school going population with a clear vision of work to be done, process of doing the same and the product their after.
  6. Educate the nation on family apprenticeships and knowledge transfer thus modifying family business.


  • Commitment and persistence
  • Informed to inform others
  • Changed to change others
  • Accountability
  • Value addition
  • Team work